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What we provide touches everyone in some unique way. We do more than your average chemical company. We provide sustainable solutions around the world to diverse industries that include electronics, manufacturing, steel, agricultural, fine chemicals, metal finishing, water treatment, and food processing. Safety and sustainability are always at the forefront of our services to ensure the best results for our customers and the global environment. We manufacture a wide range of chemicals and provide efficient storage and transportation services for your bulk needs. We specialize in handling your minibulk product requirements for businesses of all sizes. We have multiple locations and a wide range of services available for your packaging needs. Join a work culture that strives for excellence, believes that safety is 1, and is dedicated to making a difference while still having fun. Skip to content Safety Sustainability Contact Us.

Advancing Scientific Discovery and Improving Healthcare for Over 65 Years.

To get the best possible experience using our website, we recommend that you upgrade to latest version of this browser or install another web browser. Network with colleagues and access the latest research in your field. Chemistry at Home Explore chemistry education resources by topic that support distance learning. Find a chemistry community of interest and connect on a local and global level. Technical Divisions Collaborate with scientists in your field of chemistry and stay current in your area of specialization.

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At Ortho, we know that today’s complex health care environment can be difficult to navigate. Our smart Solution Finder will get you started on how, together, we can reimagine your lab! Sepsis is a life threatening condition where the body overreacts to an infection. See how this hospital lab reduced risk of blood-transfusion related errors by Just fill in the form. The information you submit will be governed by our privacy notice.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics has been transforming in vitro diagnostics for more than 75 years. We are trusted by hospitals, hospital networks, blood banks, and labs around the world. Enjoy unlimited access to the very best insights across the diagnostic community including industry reports and regular webinars from thought leaders.

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Offering non-traditional alternative chemistry with a focus on environmental expand, the primary focus continues to be customer service and technical support.

Includes a free VR headset and Starter Kit. Save now. Spend educational time together with your kids. My son is 12 and MEL Chemistry continues to inspire and encourage his fascination with chemistry. The experiments with expanded explanations through the smartphone app and website links add a greater depth than most of the science toys available. A zinc pellet grows metallic quills. Grow copper coral on an iron clip!

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BIOVIA solutions create an unmatched scientific management environment that can help science-based organizations create and connect biological, chemical and material innovations to improve the way we live. BIOVIA is committed to enhancing and speeding innovation, increasing productivity, improving quality and compliance, reducing costs and accelerating product development for customers in multiple industries.

Quality helps ensuring patient safety, treatment efficacy, sustainability and protection of brand reputation.

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I think Goldfinger is the best of the James Bond movies. Remember the scene when Bond is secured to a table made of pure gold and Goldfinger activates a laser that starts to melt the metal and threatens to bisect ? Bond, I expect you to die! That was in , before global terrorism introduced the possibility of using the combination of radioactive material and conventional explosives to inflict radioactive damage on a population.

There are a number of radioactive isotopes that are produced in nuclear reactors that have practical application. Cobalt is used in the radiotherapy of cancer, americium is used in smoke detectors and iridium is used in industrial radiography to locate flaws in metal components. Terrorists could conceivably get their hands on such radioactive isotopes. Much research has been dedicated to finding antidotes for radioactive materials that may be inhaled or ingested in case of a nuclear accident or terrorist attack.

The most publicized has been the swallowing of potassium iodide pills with the intent of saturating the thyroid gland with iodide and preventing the uptake of radioactive iodide that may be released in a Chernobyl-type accident. Prussian Blue has the ability to bind the radioactive metal ions that are released by dirty bombs and subsequently eliminate them from the body.

It can also be used in cases of thallium poisoning. This pigment has a fascinating history. The name may ring a bell for people who remember Prussian Blue as one of the original Crayola colours. Dyes are coloured soluble chemicals that are absorbed into the material to which they are applied, while pigments consist of extremely finely ground insoluble particles that coat a surface over which they are spread.

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Let our enhanced Product Finder help you quickly find the right products to meet your application needs. At Stepan Company, we connect with the world through the innovative chemistry we create. As we expand our capabilities and capacities, we are committed to developing newer and better ways to collaborate with our customers.

That enhanced collaboration will empower our customers to grow and will ensure that we grow along with them. Stepan embraces a broad view of sustainability and is uniquely positioned to partner with customers to deliver products that balance the needs of the growing human population with goals for environmental sustainability. Stepan offers 24 U.

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Huntsman Building Solutions is a world leading spray polyurethane foam business SPF , formed through the combination of Demilec and Icynene-Lapolla, which Huntsman acquired in February The chemical industry plays a key role in the circular economy. Huntsman is adopting a circular mindset that transforms, reduces and eliminates waste to secure a more sustainable future.

For 50 years, and in more than 30 countries, our 9, associates have been using science and ingenuity to create innovations that play a critical role in the everyday lives of many millions of people. Our polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane TPU elastomers and casting machines are used across many industries to create components and technical parts for a range of applications. In manufacturing, our materials improve the performance of parts in hydraulic, robotic and conveying equipment, supporting the growth of smart factories and automation.

Huntsman works with leading OEMs and their suppliers to develop effective solutions for the rapidly changing demands in personal mobility. Huntsman offers a range of innovative product solutions that improve the efficiency and sustainability of building, construction and infrastructure projects across the world. Our energy-saving thermal insulation, coatings and adhesives, composite wood products, thermoplastic polyurethanes and foams help our customers develop applications for flooring, roofs, walls, facades, doors, windows, driveways, roads and pipes.

Our rigid foam provides outstanding thermal insulation properties, leading to its widespread application throughout the supply chain of perishable goods. Combining global reach with decades of experience in material innovation, we are experts in polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane-based TPU elastomers and have in-depth knowledge of their application across a vast range of industries.

We have an extensive portfolio of hot and cold cast elastomers, hot casting machines and TPU elastomers and develop solutions to meet specific needs. We offer a wide range of epoxy and polyurethane encapsulant chemistries, and our broad industry experience and technical expertise allow us to address the most stringent requirements for electronics applications.

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Peracetic acid is an ideal antimicrobial agent due to its high oxidizing potential. It is highly effective against a broad range of microorganisms. BromMax is produced using a novel process that both eliminates bromate ion formation and also reduces the creation of inert salts to keep conductivity low in the receiving water.

COVID relevant raw materials, research products and vaccine production products. Access customer communications related to Supply and Operations.

A CAS Registry Number is a numeric identifier that can contain up to 10 digits, divided by hyphens into three parts. The right-most digit is a check digit used to verify the validity and uniqueness of the entire number. Numbers are assigned in sequential order to unique, new substances identified by CAS scientists for inclusion in the database. A CAS Registry Number, however, is unique and specific to only one substance regardless of how many other ways the substance can be described.

Substances that come from sources other than literature or patent publications may not contain any references. CAS indexes these substances to support registration policies, chemical libraries, chemical catalogs, web sources, reaction databases and data collections not represented in STN. Note that there is a fee associated with these services.

Other resources may have associated an incorrect CAS Registry Number with a compound, and use of that incorrect CAS Registry Number in searches could lead you to irrelevant or inappropriate information. Thanks for getting in touch. We look forward to helping you. The more information you provide, the faster we can connect you with our support team.

Thanks for your interest in CAS. Any information you provide will help us expedite your inquiry. How can I learn more about these substances?

The Right Chemistry: ‘Dirty bombs’ and Prussian Blue

Please select your location to view the products, information, and services available, including news, promotions and events. Orders placed during this time-frame will be shipped after the update window. Bio-Rad offers solutions to enable scientists to address the novel coronavirus outbreak. New award-winning educational kits with bona fide CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing that explore the technology’s applications, limitations, and ethics.

To find a Certificate of Analysis, enter a valid catalog number and lot or control number below. Laboratory Quality Control QC data, technical reference materials, and other related information made easily available.

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To get the best possible experience using our website, we recommend that you upgrade to latest version of this browser or install another web browser. Network with colleagues and access the latest research in your field. Chemistry at Home Explore chemistry education resources by topic that support distance learning. Find a chemistry community of interest and connect on a local and global level. Technical Divisions Collaborate with scientists in your field of chemistry and stay current in your area of specialization.

Explore the interesting world of science with articles, videos and more. Recognizing and celebrating excellence in chemistry and celebrate your achievements. Diversity in Chemistry Awards Find awards and scholarships advancing diversity in the chemical sciences. Funding to support the advancement of the chemical sciences through research projects.

ACS-Hach Programs Learn about financial support for future and current high school chemistry teachers. Learn More.

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The first edition of this book, Chemical Warfare Agents: Toxicity at Low Levels, was The third edition contains the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the Armed Forces with quality systems and outstanding customer service.

Education coordinator Heidi Dobbs is teaming up with The Access Project to train RSC members to become volunteer tutors — helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their potential. Professor Hemamala Karunadasa has published over seven research papers with Chemical Science, one of which was recently chosen as our ChemSci Pick of the Week. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we took the opportunity to catch up with her about her exciting research in the area of perovskites.

The new journal, entitled Environmental Science: Atmospheres, is a cross-disciplinary journal spanning all aspects of atmospheric science. We use cookies to support your experience on our website. Further details, including advice on disabling cookies, are available in our privacy and cookies policy. Royal Society of Chemistry We have upgraded your members’ area Log in now to use the new features, access your member benefits and update your details.

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